Hi-Phi Nation collaborates with Radiolab!

Dear Hi-Phi Nation fans, I just finished a piece in collaboration with Radiolab and it has appeared on their feed. Its about the gig economy and how a bunch of workers tried to open up the black box algorithm that paid them. I came across the story for Season 6 of Hi-Phi Nation and couldn’t wait, so I pitched to Radiolab and here it is! The entire full-length Hi-Phi Nation treatment of the story and its philosophical upshot will be available in the coming months when I launch the whole season (likely January 2023), but if you missed my voice, here it is! (Aside, boy do I love all of Team Radiolab, Latif Nasser, Lulu Miller, Becca Bressler, Sindhu Gnanasambandan, and Pat Walters who I worked with). https://radiolab.org/episodes/gigaverse

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