An Upsetting Update on Veteran’s day 2021

One of the most impressive people I’ve ever met was Ian Fishback, whose story of blowing the whistle on US detainee abuse during the war in Iraq was part of the pilot episode of Hi-Phi Nation, Soldier Philosophers Parts 1 and 2, which are available for you on the website and in your podcatchers. At the time, Ian was only recently out of the Army, and getting his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Michigan. I spent 3 hours getting Ian’s story and then another week with him at Vassar after inviting him here. A West Point graduate, Green Beret, and four-tour veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Ian had hopes of working in the philosophy and law of armed conflict. He completed his PhD under Liz Anderson at Michigan. But unbeknownst to me, Ian was slowly slipping away. A decade of war, harassment from individuals about his whistle-blowing history, Army bureaucracy, and a VA system unprepared to treat the complex trauma of these wars had left Ian unemployed and on the streets of his hometown in Michigan for past few months, eventually leading to his forced internment in a state institution where he is not receiving the care he needs. His childhood friends are seeking to place him in the highest quality institution for at least 5 weeks so that he can be in the hands of experts who can help him. The treatment of our vets of these wars by their own government is shameful. Their motivation and interest in PTSD treatment inadequate. Even five years ago, Ian reported to me he could get at most 4 hours of sleep a night as a result of his combat tours. Let us as a community help Ian where the VA could not. Please contribute what little you can to this GofundMe to get Ian the care he needs. Thank you for your time and look for the next episode of Hi-Phi Nation on Nov. 20th.

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