S1, Episode 3: The Morality of War (Feb. 7th, 2017)

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For some reason, when people kill others in wars, we do not judge them morally and legally in the same way as we judge them when they kill in civilian life. Is there a justification for this difference, or is it only a convenient myth? We go to West Point to see what soldiers themselves think and teach about the morality of killing in war. Just as the US winds down two major unconventional wars, philosophers, including many soldier philosophers, are trying to revise hundreds of years of thinking about the morality of warfare. Guest voices include Ian Fishback, Jeff McMahan, Helen Frowe, Steve Woodside, Graham Parsons, Scott Parsons, Courtney Morris, Timothy Leone, and Saythala Phonexyaphova.

Bonus: Major Ian Fishback discusses the frustrations he faced with the military hierarchy and commander-selection process, and talks about the lessons he imparted to his cadets from his wartime experiences. He then turns to an on-the-ground analysis concerning the origins of ISIS.

(Full transcript here, Episode 3 – Morality of War)

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