Prudence and Podcasts

Greetings Hi-Phi Nation listeners. You may be wondering -and I know some of you are because I’ve seen messages on Twitter and iTunes-where are my Season 2 episodes?

I’ve been working on episode two all week, and hoped to get it out by Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, but alas, it just isn’t finished. I expect to have it out by Tuesday of next week. As many of you know, it is a big challenge to churn out content now that I am back at my 9-5 job, but they are coming. Here is how I envision the release of Season 2. I will be releasing episodes monthly going into the Christmas/New Years holiday break. I will be producing a large batch of episodes during that break and releasing in a more regular, bi-weekly schedule starting at the end of January, still with the aim of a total of 10 episodes by May. Hopefully I will also have time to update the website as well as thank all of you who have donated through Paypal and Patreon. Keep rating on iTunes, and stay subscribed, the episodes are coming!

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