Season 2 Starting Now!

It has been a while Hi-Phi Nation fans, but the first episode of Season 2 is scheduled to drop first thing in the morning in your podcatchers. But, you can listen to the full episode on the website and Soundcloud now if you can’t wait!

Rather than hold off until everything was perfect, and many episodes were done, I have decided that it is better this season to release episodes as I make them. You see, I am back at my day job this year, as a Professor at Vassar College, which means teaching, grading, and administering. But I have collected, and continue to collect, hours and hours of interviews and stories for the year, and I fully plan to release 10 episodes by the spring. We also have a new logo for Season 2 produced by the wonderful Katherine Zhou, whose artwork graced the cover of every episode of Season 1.


As always, I would greatly appreciate that you share the episode on Facebook, Twitter, or by word of mouth, and help the show continue to grow! I will be updating the website in the coming days to thank all of you donors who have helped support Hi-Phi Nation this coming season. In the meantime, happy listening!

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