Please like our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. The first season of Hi-Phi Nation begins production in the middle of May, 2016. We are looking to create a network of people in narrative storytelling, investigative reporting, philosophy, or other forms of documentary production for ideas, contributors, or producers. If you have an idea for a segment or episode, or are interested in creating riveting stories for a philosophical purpose, please contact us at or through any of the social-media platforms.

Hi-Phi Nation is the labor of love of a certain philosopher who resides in the Northeast. It is a prospective podcast that aims to integrate narrative storytelling with contemporary philosophy. The first season of Hi-Phi Nation is currently in production while the host finishes the academic year. The good news is that Hi-Phi Nation has secured a small amount of funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and from Duke University. Most of the first season will be produced in the Duke academic year 2016-2017, but many episodes are already in the works, including our pilot episode on Soldier Philosophers. We have entered ourselves into Radiotopia’s podquest, but with many talented and more experienced producers out there, we are honored just to be considered. In the meantime, we are willing to share clips of our working episodes with those who are interested. Email