Philosophy of Music on RadioPublic

Out of all of the episodes I produced in Season 1, Episode 5: The Cops of Pop was the most fun overall, and it made me realized just how special the medium of audio could be for philosophy of music. I since sought out deeper thinking about music, popular and otherwise, and found episodes that really captured the spirit of thinking more deeply about the music we listen to, in a way that was still fun. I made a playlist for RadioPublic of those episodes, which I’m sharing here. If you don’t know about RadioPublic, it is a podcast app where you can listen to all your favorite shows, but it also contains playlists made by producers and curators of the best episodes of many podcasts you probably haven’t heard before. The playlists are done thematically, following an educational or entertainment theme of your choice. It is available on Android or iOS phones, and its free. You can download it from the link to my new playlist here, or from the website.

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