Big news for Hi-Phi Nation

Dear Hi-Phi Nation followers and listeners,

At the end of last season, I promised big news.

But first of all, let me say that I am deep into production of Season 3. After trips to Australia, LA, Boston, and elsewhere, I’m planning out 10 full episodes to be released every other week, starting in the last week of January. So if you haven’t subscribed to the show yet, please do so on your mobile device. Just follow the instructions on the homepage,

So here is the news. For Season 3, Hi-Phi Nation has been picked up by Slate. Hi-Phi Nation will be distributed by the Slate network, added to Slate’s daily podcast feed, and will be a featured show at Slate in the winter season. This does not mean any changes for you, you’ll keep getting the show the way you’ve been listening, but it means that a big-time podcast network will help me publicize the show in a way that I just couldn’t do on my own. This marks the very first philosophy podcast, and indeed the only narrative philosophy show, that exist on ANY major podcast network, public or private. Its a major and important step in making philosophy accessible to everyone.

The partnership with Slate makes it much likelier that I can sustain the show. Nothing changes on the production side. I am still sole producer and host, and I am still making the show from the attic of Rockefeller Hall at Vassar out of pocket, with total freedom but also little budget. But it does mean less concern about how to advertise and increase listenership, and it means better access to potential guests.

Thank you for your ongoing support and be on the lookout in the next month for more news and trailers for Season 3.


  1. Great news, Barry! Congratulations! I’m super pleased for you, but not surprised at all. Hi-Phi Nation is fantastic. I imagine you rotating each story, pausing on one of its multiple facets to reveal pertinent information. You build a sense of suspense that keeps me clinging to each word. By the end of each episode, I feel thoroughly informed/educated about fascinating philosophical topics/ideas – some, that I don’t even know exist. I also pass along the Hi-Phi Nation love. The episodes that strike a special cord, I share on FB, and enjoy the discussions they generate. So, I’m looking forward Season 3’s first release in January, 2019.

  2. That’s awesome Barry…congratulations. I’ll be sure to share it to my Facebook page dedicated to bringing philosophy teaching to a wider audience. There are only ab 1000 followers but they are all around the world so hopefully it will bring a little more attention to your efforts and more importantly expand an interest in philosophy 🙂

  3. Hi Barry,

    Well, this news was certainly worth waiting for! Congratulations on a historic step: a fitting acknowledgement of the show’s quality and appeal, and such an exciting move for public philosophy. I’m sure your buddies at Hub & Spoke will miss you… but I can’t wait for HPN to get the really big audience it deserves! Tonight David and I will drink a toast to your success 🙂

    We’re looking forward to Season 3. Hope all is well with you and your family.

    Cheers, Michelle


    1. Michelle, you have been so good to me, especially this past summer (winter!) I couldn’t be more grateful. I hope to finally meet you next time I’m down under!

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