Episode 5 of Season 2 out now!

Hello Hi-Phi Nation blog followers! As per usual, you are first to have access to the next episode. This is another fun one about the philosophy of music. Here is the link to the show description and episode. It will be in your podcast feeds first thing tomorrow morning.


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  1. Hey Barry,

    As always really enjoyed Cover Me Softly. The taxonomy of covers was really interesting and I found most of the points well taken. But to argue for a natural kinds type of boundary between classical and pop covers (with which I basically go along) I felt like you had to gloss things a bit. Like your objection to arguing that musical content carries no semantic information, I have some minor objections to the stylistic straight jacket you attribute to classical composers. To put things briefly and somewhat cryptically check out, e.g., Glen Gould’s interpretations of Bach.

    Cheers and always love the show,

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