Podcast Production Workshop

I am just completed giving the very first intensive two-day podcast production workshop for philosophers. The focus was the production of narrative forms and we included discussions of writing for audio, genres of audio for communicating academic ideas, voicing, and intensive software use and production techniques. The department at Sacramento State University invited me out for this and it looks like their administration, if not the Cal-State system as a whole, is interested in alternative forms of communicating scholarship, teaching, and course material and is providing equipment and training (me) for their faculty. I hope to see a lot of content from them soon. If you are in academia and interested in your own intensive workshop and equipment list, and think you have a sympathetic administration, send me an email.

The local NPR affiliate morning drive show Insight also interviewed me about Hi-Phi Nation in between segments about the wildfires in California and talking to a world-renown concern pianist. Here is a link to that audio.

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