This was supposed to be the easy one

Hello blog followers, Episode 5 is now up, once again a few hours earlier just for you. Just a quick announcement, I’m overwhelmed with the one-episode-a-week production schedule, and I can’t keep up, so I’m giving myself two weeks to put out the next one, Hackademics. While you wait, I hope you can continue to tell your friends, students, philosophy discussion groups, family, and so forth. We can take the time to help me publicize the show.

About Episode 5. The episodes I’ve done so far have all been heavy and serious, so I wanted to make sure that we have at least one fun and light episode in the first season, lest everyone thinks philosophy is just for the somber. I also wanted to do an episode about a philosophical topic that you could only do well in audio, hence philosophy of music! But talk about getting far outside your comfort zone. I’m trained as an analytic epistemologist, so this was a real stretch. I had to listen to a genre I knew very little about, learn a lot of musicology that turned out to be cut from the episode, and had to acquaint myself with a literature I never read. That said, I hope fans of popular music will find this episode enlightening. Philosophers, well, who can ever tell with them.

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