Episode 4 now available!

Hello everyone. Episode 4 is up a few hours early on the website for the very dedicated. You will get it on your devices first thing tomorrow morning. This was a difficult episode to make for many different reasons. First, it concerns a story that many people heard about in the popular press. Those stories were incomplete in many ways, so I had to think about my particular angle, and I decided to go with the stories of the observers as well as the participant in the story. Secondly, the episode concerned Islamic and Christian theology, which I knew nothing about at the time, but learned a lot about in the course of production. Finally, many subjects, philosophers, theologians, as well as people involved in the story, just weren’t available to speak to, as they were understandably caught up in the surprise and disorder that was the Trump administration’s election and inauguration, and because this episode seemed to touch on issues of Christianity and Islam at a level of abstraction. That being said, I felt quite emotional by the end of the episode only because situating even abstract philosophical concerns in today’s environment surrounding religious toleration struck me deeply.

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