How to help Hi-Phi Nation

Thank you for listening to the first episode. If you want to help us continue making more, the mission right now is to get as many listeners as possible. Besides sharing on social media and telling your friends and family, there are a few specific things that will cost you nothing that I think at this point will help a lot.

The first is to give the show a rating on iTunes. This will help the show get the attention of the Apple overlords, and hopefully it can ascend far enough up the charts to catch the attention of new listeners.

The second is to try and get the show featured on The Big Listen, NPR’s radio show ABOUT podcasts. They have a voicemail for people to tell them about new shows, which is probably most effective. (202) 885-POD1, or you can email them at

Finally, I’ve notice the most movement when linked from blogs; so if you know people who are looking to blog about interesting things, send them over to the show. Episode 2 out next Tuesday!

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