Late January Launch

We are on-schedule for a late-January launch of the inaugural season of Hi-Phi Nation. Right now we are completing the first seven episodes. The episodes will features stories from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the incorporation of women into combat roles in the US Army, an investigation into the Hershey foundation, Larycia Hawkins and Christian-Muslim theology, the origins of musical mashing, and the history of parapsychological research. Philosophical topics include just war theory, the construction of gender through war, the possibilities of posthumous harm, the meaning of proper names in religious texts, the aesthetic foundations of Western music, and how to draw reasonable conclusions from statistics. We will also be pitching your favorite podcasts to include snippets of our stories in our hope to make philosophy reach fans of storytelling and investigative reporting. We are still looking for two more episodes to produce for Season One, and will need help spreading Hi-Phi Nation on social media. Please contact me here to play an active part.

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