August Update

Durham, North Carolina and Duke University is where we have ended up this summer. We did a wonderful week-long intensive production course called “Making it Sing” here at the Center for Documentary Studies.  The instructors were John Biewen, director of audio documentaries here at the Center and host of Scene on Radio, Shea Shackelford of Big Shed, and Devon Taylor, editor for Millennial and The Allusionist. I highly recommend both of their summer intensive courses for beginners and experienced producers alike; there is nothing better than an intensive, 12 hour/day week dedicated to production around other artists and storytellers. I’ve described it as “Project Runway” for podcasters.

We are close to having four full episodes in the bank in preparation for our January 2017 launch. We workshopped episode 4 here at the Center and an early draft of the first segment will be made available here on the web in the next couple of weeks.

The next few months will be fully dedicated to producing as many episodes as we can before we launch. We’d love it if you bookmark this page or like our page on Facebook so you can be the first to get our episodes.

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