S2, Episode 4: Freedom and Hostile Design (Jan. 23rd, 2018)

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Some acts of expression are awesome, while others suck, and one philosopher has a new theory about the difference. Using this theory as a guide, we look at some of the suckiest things that ever sucked in urban design, and the street artists and compassionate vandals who are trying to fight them. We use these stories to investigate how public spaces are becoming less free and more coercive. Guest voices include Nick Riggle, Leah Borromeo, Rowland Atkinson, Victor Callister, and Richard Rowland.

(Transcript: Episode 4-Freedom and Hostile Design)

Reading List

Nick Riggle’s book On Being Awesome: A unified theory of how not to suck


tumblr_nrlbqucokx1uaybuuo1_1280.jpg Leah Borromeo’s “Space not Spikes” 

Jeremy Waldron’s “Homelessness and Freedom” and “Homelessness and Community.”


As I was saying, by Lee Rosevere
That Mexican Thing, by Ari de Niro
Do you have a light, Remus
Fabelhaft, Remus
Tanguedo, Blue Dot Sessions
Headlights, Mountain Road, Blue Dot Sessions
One Parallel Movie, Happiness in Aeroplanes
Winter in Beirut, Happiness in Aeroplanes