S2, Episode 7: Creed and Credences (May 1st, 2018)

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Dave has been hunting for the one decisive piece of scientific evidence that will settle one of Christianity’s most challenging questions. On this episode we look at two stories of people trying to reconcile their religious and empirical beliefs about the world, and hear from a philosopher whose theory says that their attempts may be futile. Guest voices include Dino Dave, Laura Jean Truman, and philosopher Neil Van Leeuwen.

(Transcript: Episode 7-Creed and Credences)

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Reading List

Laura Jean Truman

Neil Van Leeuwen


Vibe Drive, Dry Air, Clair De Lune (Wurly, Drum Machine and Bucket Arr.), by Podington Bear

Curiousity, by Lee Rosevere

Tanguedo, and Union Hall Melody, Are We Loose Yet, by Blue Dot Sessions

Behold the Spirit, by the Kyoto Connection

Thinking, by Madoka

Tavern, by Sergey Cheremisinov