Episode Two Reading and Soundtrack

Readings: Ian Fishback and Michael Robillard have not yet published books, but this is a link to a recent article on moral exploitation. Here is a link to the 2006 Time piece on Ian Fishback.
Soundtrack to Episode 2.
“Labyrinth” by Sergiy Chermisinov.
“Exchopraxia”, “Scheinenzeppelin”, “One Parallel Movie”, “Winter in Beirut”, and “the Dream Room” by Happiness in Aeroplanes.
“Resistance” by Remus.
“Cheap Suit” by Jason Staczek
“Headlight/Mountain Rd.”, “Great is the Contessa” by Blue Dot Sessions.
“Endless” and “Waves” by Dana Boule.
“Ash Gray” by Pictures of the Floating World.
“Kids will be Skeletons” and “I know you are but what am I” by Mogwai.