The Decision

The Massachusetts Supreme Court issued its ruling in the case of Commonwealth versus Julie Eldred and I called attorney Lisa Newman-Polk to get her reaction and her opinion about its implications for the treatment of addicts in the criminal justice system. I produced a follow-up mini-episode available now, just refresh your podcast feeds or go to the website link below to get it now. The next full episode of Hi-Phi Nation will be available next week.

Hi-Phi Nation featured at Humanities for All

Hi-Phi Nation and an interview with Barry is featured at the brand new Humanities for All website, where the National Humanities Alliance in Washington DC has organized all public humanities programs across the country, from sociology, religion, literature, classics, theater and more. Its a great resource and you can read the interview below.

If you haven’t discovered Lend me Your Ears, it is the new Slate Podcast about Shakespeare and politics. This week’s episode is on King Lear, and Barry went in to talk about King Lear with Isaac Butler, the show’s host, and Gabriel Roth, editor at Slate, to talk about Lear on the Slate Plus podcast for the show.

Episode 10 of Season 2 will be coming out very soon about partisan beliefs in facts.

Episode 9 out now!

Greetings from down under. I am writing this to you at the end of a 26 hour trip that brings me to Canberra Australia, where I will be recording and producing the last episode of Season 2, as well as a lot of content for Season 3. I have a lot of potentially big news about Hi-Phi Nation coming at the end of the summer, so please subscribe to the show if you haven’t already.

The ninth episode of Season 2 is released now. It will be in your podcast feeds first thing in the morning, but as usual, subscribers to the blog have early access. Here’s a link and description:

Hi-Phi Nation stays overnight at the Brooklyn Public Library during the 2018 Night of Philosophy. From 7pm to 7am on a Saturday night, thousands of New Yorkers swarmed the central library for acrobats, musicians, and philosophy. Meanwhile, we present philosophy shorts about the definition of life, the nature of good and the morality of revenge, and moral relativism. At the event, producer Sandra Bertin confronts some white privilege, while Barry wanders the floors trying to get people to differentiate between philosophy and bullshit. Guest voices include George Yancy, Cian Dorr, Kieran Setiya, Ian Olasov, with philosophy by Emily Parke, Joshua Gert, and David Wong.

Episode 8 is available now!

I don’t always express my opinion on episodes, and even more rarely do I express a strong opinion. But there is a new episode out today in which I do so, partly out of principle, partly out of personal experience. In any case, I’ve worked hard on it and its available now, on the website, and in your podcast feeds. The show is about addiction, freedom of the will, moral responsibility, and the criminal justice system.

Please do help continue to spread the word about Hi-Phi Nation as Season 2 starts to wind down. I need your help to keep the show going!


Episode 5 of Season 2 out now!

Hello Hi-Phi Nation blog followers! As per usual, you are first to have access to the next episode. This is another fun one about the philosophy of music. Here is the link to the show description and episode. It will be in your podcast feeds first thing tomorrow morning.

We are also thanking our Patreon supporters on this episode. Even $1/month helps a great deal. Ryan Samarakoon, Emily Baliestri, Rick Grush, Greg Poulos, and Pamela O’Neill have been particularly generous.

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The Podcast Bracket

Hi Everyone, March Madness has hit the podcast industry, and one newsletter has set up a bracket that includes Hi-Phi Nation as an up and coming indie. Your vote will help us move along in the competition, hopefully we can get some more attention if we get far enough to square off against the big hitters, the Marons, Gimlets, Panoplys of the world! Vote this week, and if we make it, vote next week!

New Episode on our 1-year anniversary

Just for you blog-followers of Hi-Phi Nation, a brand new episode is available now on the webpage. The episode will be released on your podcast feeds Tuesday morning, which will mark the 1-year anniversary of the release of our first episode.

It has been a wild ride this past year. The very first episode of Season 1, still one of my favorites, receive 742 downloads on the first day of release. Since then, it has been downloaded 60,000 times. We currently have about 20,000 subscribers judging from the number of downloads new episodes get within a month of release, but across the board, episodes have eventually reached 50,000 downloads within a few months. We are well north of half a million downloads from around the world. This is not huge, but for an indie production done by one person in just a year, I think its pretty good. The only way to grow, with no advertising budget, is word of mouth.

I appreciate your patience with me this season as I juggle teaching and research as well as producing the show. I had to make a decision as to whether to finish production on a batch of episodes, and then release them more frequently, or just releasing them as I complete them. I decided on the latter, and it has meant about an episode a month. Behind the scenes, I am trying to secure a way to fund future productions, which involves a lot of grant-writing and grant-rejections. Its a high-risk, high-reward affair but its the only way I see of sustaining such a geeky niche show. That said, there is a lot of good news. I will be producing the show from Canberra, Australia, at the Australia National University, from Mid-June thru Mid-August, so send me your story tips from down under. I am also in the works for an entire season three based on one philosophical theme throughout.

Future episodes from this season will include questions about personal identity and the afterlife, another episode on the philosophy of music, and more collaboration with outside producers. Please continue to support the show through word of mouth, writing to journalists who cover podcasts, and donations through Patreon and Paypal. -Barry