I was asked to give a talk reflecting back on my year at Duke producing Hi-Phi Nation, and so I decided to talk about something I’ve been thinking about the whole time, which is how I was supposed to think of my own voice as narrator of the show. Am I to be an impartial communicator, a bloviator, something in between? In any case, I didn’t realize this, but there was actually an audience of students, Deans, and media people, and they filmed and recorded the whole thing! Here it is if you’re interested, about a 45min talk and 15 min Q&A.

If you’re on Twitter, I’ve put the four most popular episodes of Season One as candidates for your favorite episode. I need help picking an episode to submit for contests and media companies, and I want you the listener to choose it. The Twitter poll is here. https://twitter.com/hiphination/status/862870194447945729. If you’re not on Twitter, you can just leave your vote here on the blog as a comment. Thanks a lot!

Hi everyone, I can’t believe it, but I finally made the last episode of season one! Its here for you early birds at the website, available on your podcatcher tomorrow morning. https://hiphination.org/episodes/episode-10-a-better-love/ Its not just that this episode is done, its that I actually made a complete season of a story-driven show about philosophy, something I’ve wanted to do for almost seven years. It took an entire year working overtime, hustling from place to place in the country, giving up one one kind of work, learning skills I never had, moving my whole family to another state, and being really uncomfortable in a lot of ways. Enjoy the last episode, spread the word, and you’ll hear from me again very soon!

Hi everyone. The season finale of Hi-Phi Nation, Episode 10, will be out first thing on Wednesday morning, May 3rd. Making a podcast episode is worse than making sausage. Sometimes you have take all the sausage you make, take it all out of the casing, and run in back through the machine again…three or four times, until the texture comes out right. This one has about 20 different people talking in it, so its really tricky.

It is now 1am on Tuesday morning, and I only now completed and uploaded the 9th and penultimate episode of Hi-Phi Nation, Season One. It isn’t every day, month,  year, or lifetime that you get an opportunity to interview, and then edit,  a legend in the documentary field in your very own documentary. The pressures were heavy, and I ended up making many decisions that probably make this unlike any of the other episodes of Hi-Phi Nation so far. But its out there now for your enjoyment. The season is almost over, so please do take the opportunity to leave a 5-star review on iTunes, Facebook, or whatever podcatcher you use. Or if you can’t, please share the show on your Facebook or Twitter feed. Episode 9: The Ashes of Truth (Apr. 18, 2017)

I’ve been trying really hard to get you Episode 9 this week, since it will have been three weeks since the last episode. Unfortunately, I’m just not ready. I’m going to postpone the episode for another week while I keep working on how to script and edit it together. I owe it to you to give you the best possible work I can produce, and right now episode 9 is not up to snuff. I am still on schedule to deliver both of the final episodes this month. Meanwhile I am in full-scale production for episodes for season 2 as well. So please send good vibes and you will hear again from me next week.

Are you interested in how two different people, with very different backgrounds, concerns, and aesthetic sensibilities can take the same raw material and build very different products from them? As I was putting together Hackademics 1, the show about parapsychology, I sent the raw tape to the Here Be Monsters podcast, which is a far more popular and established show. Jeff Emtman edited and co-wrote my piece there, and he released it yesterday on their podcast. Here is the result. http://www.hbmpodcast.com/. I’d be really curious what your thoughts are about the sound, story, and aesthetic comparisons of the two pieces.

Dear Hi-Phi Nation fans. RadioPublic is a new app for podcasts available for your iPhone or Android. It is designed within the Public Radio Exchange system, and it is aiming to provide listeners with mixtape-like experiences where showmakers and curators present their mix of episodes across a wide-range of podcasts to introduce people to interesting listening. I just made a playlist called Hidden Conflicts, about the practices in society we take for granted in the world around us, but that once we start thinking about their underlying assumptions, start to unravel. You can get the playlist and the RadioPublic app with lots of other playlists at linked here.

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Two more new episodes remain for season 1 of Hi-Phi Nation at this point, one on the philosophy of love, the other on truth/realism/anti-realism. The stories that bring you there will hopefully be surprising. Hi-Phi Nation is gaining enough of an audience that I think it is worth a gamble for me to do a second season next academic year even at a financial loss. I will be applying to the granting agencies, wealthy foundations, and public media companies, but as many of you know, these are low-probability options in the typical case, even lower probability in nonstandard cases. I’m remembering Ken Taylor’s experiences at the NEH with Philosophy Talk.

For those of you in the profession, I invite the adventurous to take a dive and think about whether you want to produce or partly produce a segment, episode, or a piece of investigative work, that will make it to the second season of the show. Its a new style and a new medium, it might not be a line on your CV, but you will reach people. The work could be within your comfort zone or you can take the full plunge, with a mic and recorder doing embedded philosophizing. All you need to do is contact me, keep up with the Hi-Phi Nation blog/newsletter, the Twitter account, or Facebook page.

For others, if you think there is a value of this work to your students, philosophy clubs, or family or community outreach locally, let me know what kind of episodes I should produce that would bring value to the classes you teach, clubs you advise, discussion groups you lead, etc. When I have time, I will put together sample syllabi and reading lists that make it easy for you to teach with Hi-Phi Nation and other story-driven shows, where the content truly is complimentary rather than supplementary to lectures and readings. If you are a high school or community college teacher already using or committed to using some of the content in your classes, let me know how you’re doing it so I can share it with others.

Thanks to Brian Leiter for giving me a platform this week to talk about this wild ride of a project. Thanks to all the subjects of the first season, and the upcoming subjects in the second, they’re all listed on the website and you hear their voices in the episodes. The first season couldn’t have happened without support from Mark Johnston, Sarah-Jane Leslie, Jennifer Nagel, Tom Kelly, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, and StoryLab at Duke including Carlos Rojas, Eileen Chow, and Clare Woods.