Final Hi-Phi Nation invite-only Zoom events

This season, patrons of the show received an invitation for an after-show discussion and Q&A with myself and a philosopher talking about the issues from the episode in more detail. Our final event featured philosopher Gregg Caruso who is publishing a book arguing against retributive justice. I am making that event available to everyone here. Please consider becoming a patron of the show, where as a little as $1 a month can support the making of Season 5 of Hi-Phi Nation. Just go to

Season finale out today

Hello blogreaders, the season finale of the show is out now, and it ties the entire series today with the question, why punish? This one is very philosophical, with a rigorous examination of the reasons for and against retributive justice.

Now that Season 4 is complete, I want to put out a message to all philosophers and philosophically curious journalists that I am taking pitches for Season 5, not just ideas for shows, but story-driven philosophy for the show that you would like to make yourself, and I can serve as editor. If you have an idea or are interested, email me at

Questions for Panel

I will be sending you a link to the Zoom Meeting ID on the morning (Eastern time) of Wednesday, June 17th for the upcoming Protesting Police and Policing Protests Zoom discussion with Ekow YankahMichele Moody-AdamsBrandon del Pozo, and Jason Brennan, hosted by me.
There will be an opportunity for some people to ask questions during the event itself. But we are thinking that some people might already have some issues or questions that they would be interested in having addressed. If you have one to suggest, please use this FORM. 
Looking forward to having you join us. The last episode of this season will be released on Saturday June 27th, a week later than originally planned.

Panel Discussion on Policing and Black America

In collaboration with the Marc Sanders Foundation and the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Society, I am putting together a Zoom panel discussion with distinguished philosophers, legal scholars, and law enforcement professionals to talk about the justification of violence in response to unjust police conduct, and the future of policing. The event will take place the week of June 15th, although exact dates and times are still being finalized. Attendance is free, but requires registration to prevent disruptions to the event. Please subscribe to this blog, and you will be sent the final date/times and emailed the Zoom link. Our new episode on collateral consequences is out today.

Episode 2 and Zoom events

Dear Hi-Phi Nation blog readers, Episode 2 on the history and ethics of police discretionary power is out now. I also want to let you know that our first ever Zoom event went incredibly well. I started the event by asking Gideon Yaffe about the theory of social relationships underlying mens rea requirements, to which Gideon responded about the theory of citizenship he is developing. We went on to take listener questions about provocation, hate crimes, and other mens rea states of mind that matter in law. The next Zoom event will feature Brandon del Pozo, whose work is discussed in Episode 2. Become a patron now to get an invitation to all Zoom events.